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Which Notebook looks the sexiest?

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Which laptop do you think is the best looking. There are many computer companies around and many or rather most make notebooks too but there are very very few notebooks which appeal to the eyes. I mean, a notebooks basic function is to have go anywhere mobility but what the heck, what about the asthetics? If someone says "Best Looking NoTebOoK", then there are just two words that comes to the mind of any one (me included) instantly, no guess this, its "Sony Vaio"
Sony Vaio.jpg
But not quite!! Till you see Acer's Aspire Series or the Gemstone concept. This notebook from Acer is equivalent to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Jennifer Lopez. In short this notebook looks mind blowing i think. Acer's tagline is "Life is busy, Acer makes it easy", and with the way Acer's notebooks look, i certainly feel they are sticking very well to their tagline. Just look at this. I mean looking at it, wont it make it so much easier.

Acer 5920
Acer Aspire

However since i am not much into notebooks, i would request all of you to tell me what you honestly feel, which notebook looks the best according to you. And wait, i was just talking about affordable notebooks, otherwise the best looking notebook in the world is undoubtedly this one, by far, no two thoughts about this one.


Its quite light, as it uses Carbon Fiber (Material used in expensive cars to reduce weight instead of steel and carbon fiber is much stronger) Now somebody can gift me one, my birthday is coming near, hehe.

ferrari notebook
Acer Ferrari

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We have shifted here

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Hi guys and gals,

Welcome to my blog, where i wish to share my thoughts and opinions of my life. I am going to be write about lots of things, which in life we generally observe but never get the time to discuss or so maybe just dont bother to discuss. Things we are frustrated about. You know, we all are so frustrated at times cozza many things. Some one’s calling and irritating the hell out of ya, to give you a new network connections, its so damn pissing off. Not thats all, there are many more things, i am gonna review movies and many more things, to know about them i hope you stick around, so hope to see you all around here and do comment, ill love to interact with all of ya.

Best Wishes,


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We have shifted here