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Deccan Chargers


I am extrememly disappointed with Deccan Chargers game. They were the favorites to win the IPL but they didnt even manage to win half the matches they have played, yesterday was their 8th consecutive defeat. So what went wrong?

Well not much, poor bowling, followed by poor fielding and almost equal poor batting performance. Mind you this side has renowned big hitters like Adam Gilchrist, Andrew Symonds(has left now to play for Australia), Shahid Afridi, Scott Styris and Herschelle Gibbs, and there bowling attach aint too bad either with pacers like R.P. Singh, Nuwan Zoysa and Chaminda Vaas. All of these bowlers bowl absolute crap i am sorry to say. The match against the Knight Riders, every second ball was a full toss and smacked for 6. Batting is appalling, since Adam Gilchrist comes and goes pretty soon, Shahid Afridi thinks he is superman and wants to hit a six on every ball and Gibbs just doesnt perform. He too has the tendacy of Afridi. While Scott Stiris thinks he is playing a test match, nudging every ball for a single and then giving the long on fielder a pretty easy catch. However there is one player who has really suprised, its Venu Gopal Rao, who has played fantastically, however one man cant alone win the battle. The Deccan Chargers are represented by a charging bull, the mascot for the chargers which signifies strength, power and aggression while the red and gold bands on the flag stand for dominance and victory. I think it should be opposite of that. I had a chance to meet the chargers some time back, will write about that some time later with some pics of the stoppables, i managed to take.

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