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Worst Internet Connection


Which is the worst internet connection? Well i think there is no contest it is Sify Broadband. Firstly i dont understand how Sify has the bright idea of giving pop ups when you login. I mean if there are giving me free internet services then they might as well give as many advertisement as they like, but you pay them not for the services but for their pop up advertisement. So darn irritating.

Well thats not all. Contacting them is another tough task. You have a problem so you will need to call them up on their toll free number eh, sounds good, nah it doesnt work that way. They will mostly ask you to leave your number and then assure you a call back in half an hour, which they never do. Worst still if you get to talk to someone and tell them your problem they will keep you on hold and then you get a automated voice asking, English or Hindi? Its not only the internet thats bad, the service is equally worst and that makes Sify the worst internet connection that can be, and its not just me, ask any Sify user and they will say the same. You login and then no pages open, you logout and it says BB110, Logout failure. You login again and its working fine and then back to square one, logout failure. Its not one error, there are so many and the worst is IP adress conflict which can drive you upto the wall. Its high time some company starts a trouble free internet connection.

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