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HTC Touch Diamond


HTC Touch Diamond.jpg
The New HTC Touch Diamond looks absolutely fantastic. If anything, this phone is a iPhone killer. Some might argue that HTC copied Apple's iPhone, but the truth being the HTC Touch was launched before the iPhone.

The Touch Diamond is also a 3G handset, made with a touchscreen, 4 GB of storage for music and photos and more. It's an elegant follow-up to the HTC Touch and should give the 3G iPhone a run for its money.

The best part of the Touch Diamond by far is its beautiful craftsmanship, but the touchscreen and functionality come in a close second and third. The handset is sleeker and smaller than the iPhone at 102 millimeters in height by 51mm wide by 11.33 mm thick. The iPhone 3G, which sports a 3.5-inch screen with 480-by-320 pixel resolution, is 115.5mm by 62.1mm by 12.3mm. Check this video out and you will fall in love too.

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