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iPod, iPhone and now iRing?


iPod iRing
Welcome to the i World. Yes, the world has gone crazy with iHyped things. We already have iPod, iPhone, iMac, i10 and now the iRing.

This is an original Concept, made of a Ring that could control the Playback functionality of your iPod/iPhone device Wirelessly (A ring has to be wireless, you wouldn’t expect to see cables lingering around your fingers) Modeled in Max 9 and Rendered in Vray, with a dose of style and substance.

Although the ring is still in concept stages you would love to have it in your must have things. The pricing is unknown at this stage and also the launch date.

However this becomes the perfect ring for future engagement's for gadget geeks like us :p

iRingAwesome iRingControl iPod on finger

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