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Kismat Korrection


Kismat KonnectionThe much hyped Kismat Konnection is a movie worth avoiding. Raj's (Shahid Kapoor) luck hasn't been favouring him and problems follow him where ever he goes. However when ever Raj's lucky charm Priya (Vidya Balan) is around, things go in the right direction or so they say.

And the rest is very predictable. The movie tries to be desperately funny and is a mix of two hollywood flicks (When did Indian movies have their own originality anyways) and soon you think you are watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai. I don't see a reason why some anyone would want to watch this movie, after reading the reviews, except if they are a Shahid fan. In interviews Shahid has been shouting aloud that Aziz Uncle's movies can be watched dozens of times without getting bored, sure he is right, but make sure you grab some cotton for your ears to have a sound sleep.

Pardon me for writing the shortest movie review in the history of Bollywood Journalism.

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